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IFNsig. type II One Step cod. BM-024 - Multiplex One Step RT-PCR Real Time            Cod. BM-024


Principle of the test : Quantitative analysis of Interferon Stimulated Genes ISG

Technology : Multiplex One Step RT- PCR Real Time

Gene Target : IFNγ, IDO1, CXCL9, CXCL10, STAT1, HLA DRA

Internal Control: GAPDH

Specimen : RNA

Results : ΔΔCt method  

Reporting Units : Arbitrary Units (AU)

Number of tests : 25 tests BM-023

Kit storage : -20°C

Necessary equipment : 7500 Real Time PCR System or CFX96 DetectionSystem


IFNsig. Type II One Step cod. BM-024
Multiplex One Step RT-PCR Real Time Six Targets Two tubes


Type II interferon (IFN), known as IFN-γ, while sharing a similar nomenclature to type I IFN, binds to a different receptor and has independent effects. A component of the innate immune response, produced mainly by natural killer cells during infections (1). IFN-γ is a key cytokine also produced by activated T cells, as well as by natural killer (NK) and NK T cells, in the tumour microenvironment and plays an important role in the coordination of this process. In addition, IFN-γ can stimulate the expression of other key immunosuppressive molecules such as IDO1, CXCL9 and CXCL10. The expression of these molecules represents the IFN-γ signature or IFN type II signature (1). Recently, Imgenberg-Kreuz and colleagues presented a comprehensive transcriptome profile in B-cells from patients with primary autoantibody Sjogren's syndrome (pSS) that identifies large differences in the expression patterns of patients compared to controls, including targets of type I and type II interferon signatures (2).


The IFNsig.Type II Multiplex One Step kit is a real-time PCR assay able to reverse-transcribe and amplify RNA in a single step. Thanks to the multiplex version, the RNA is tested with two different mixes that will return the data of the six genes stimulated by Interferon α and the housekeeping gene. The relative quantification of the gene expression of these targets is performed with the ΔΔCt method (5) and the fold change obtained is expressed in arbitrary units. Easy to use and complete, the IFNsig.Type II One Step kit is an optimal solution for all molecular diagnostics laboratories.



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